Friday, March 15, 2013

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Anger relative newcomers to the scene forming back in mid - 2012 and hailing from Colombia are just putting the finishing touches to what will be their debut offering  the ''Beholder of Chaos E.P." Influenced by Thrash Metal with a heavy emphasis on Slayer and Death Metal from the Chuck Schuldiner school of technical riffage while lyrically the band cover the usual topics of corruption, war and serial killers although executing their lyrics in a thought provoking way.

As I said the E.P. hasn't  been officially released yet but the band asked me to do an early review anyway so what we have here is sneak peak of two of the tracks from what will be a four track E.P. when it sees the light of day. The band have been busy perfecting and honing these four tracks taking their time to perfect their craft which is evident in these two tracks.

First up is "Hypocrisy" which starts proceedings off with a riff which could of been lifted straight off of Slayer's "Seasons in the Abyss" then a nice bass lick followed by a blistering but all too short solo, all in all a great way to kick things off in fine thrashing form. The song thrashes from beginning to end and delivers quite a punch. The vocalist really has his own style going on which gives the music some much needed individuality.


Second up is " Serial Killer" which fairs even better showing a great sense of control and song dynamics this is the one which gets me headbanging and out of my seat and makes me want to hear more of this band check out the bass solo which goes straight into a well executed guitar solo which lifts this song and band to a whole other level.

It's hard to believe these are this bands first recordings such is the quality and sheer blinding metal on offer but to really develop and grow as a band they do need to find their own sound but in the meantime I'll enjoy this great slab of Metal.

Be sure to check out their offical Facebook page and show your support.!/AngerMetalsevilla


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