Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Doom's Day offer up one fine slab of contemporary classic metal packed full of riffs channelled from the gods themselves. Influenced by classic bands  such as The Misfits, Venom, Brocas Helm, Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate and bringing that spirit up to the present day laying down their own classic album to add to that legacy. The album opens with a nod to 4 songs., Black Sabbath's self titled opening cut from their legendary debut, The Oath (Mercyful Fate),  Mr.Crowly (Ozzy) & Drink the blood of the Priest (Brocas Helm) with the sound of rain and a distant tolling bell and an incredible keyboard passage setting the mood the album starts off promising. Straight into the opening cut "The Unholy" and like a gift to your metal heart the song delivers a classic metal anthem which will have you raising your horns and headbanging like the good old days of metal. Great riffs, great choruses and proper use of keyboards which add to the over all menacing vibe. Throughout the album the band deliver time and time again classic after classic. I haven't heard keyboards like this in metal since "Blizzard of Ozz" The album benefits from each song having it's own character and no song standing out as shining above the rest. They seemed to have taking into account how metal albums of yore focused on eight or so classic songs, honing them until they were the best they could be. "Sabbath Deadly Sabbath" is a great tribute to the gods themselves and "The Sorceress" is a track which is slow to offer up it's hidden charm but after a few spins becomes a favourite. Only one problem with the album and a minor one at that, music like this deserves to be recorded on analog which these day's is becoming a rare and expensive thing for bands but worth it for that warm sound these songs cry out for. There is not mush more to say only if you love your classic and obscure metal but want to hear a new band taking the style into the modern age and beyond then check this amazing debut out for yourself.


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Saturday, March 16, 2013

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The demo kicks off in fine form with a slow and merciless Tech-Death song
which from the get go displays the sheer level of musicianship and technical ability on offer which continues throughout this E.P. never letting up for even a respite of air. And so "The Real Nightmare" introduces me to the world of Pervencer. Next up is "Disease" which picks up the pace somewhat and brings to mind the  devastatingly powerful precision of the mighty Suffocation themselves. This song contains an earth shattering and ear bursting solo which ends all to short leaving me wanting more.The riffs and songs vary throughout making this E.P. a very brutal and enjoyable listen from beginning to end. It's not all blast and brutality their is light and shade and little nuances in each track which is a credit to the bands sense of songwriting. "Destruction of your Body" starts with pulsating drums with an incredible riff played on top. The vocals which have remained more or less your typical Death style vocals show some variation on this song during the chorus where their are two vocals, one which almost sounds like a man insane. This song is really one that stands out with a short bass and drum solo after which I have to lift my jaw up from off the floor. On the final track "Hypocrisy" my theory is proven this E.P.  starts off great and  just builds and builds to heights of metallic perfection. All in all one hell of a E.P. from this young band who are surly destined to go down in the annals of metal history.

You can download the entire E.P. for FREE courtesy of the band from the link below.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

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Anger relative newcomers to the scene forming back in mid - 2012 and hailing from Colombia are just putting the finishing touches to what will be their debut offering  the ''Beholder of Chaos E.P." Influenced by Thrash Metal with a heavy emphasis on Slayer and Death Metal from the Chuck Schuldiner school of technical riffage while lyrically the band cover the usual topics of corruption, war and serial killers although executing their lyrics in a thought provoking way.

As I said the E.P. hasn't  been officially released yet but the band asked me to do an early review anyway so what we have here is sneak peak of two of the tracks from what will be a four track E.P. when it sees the light of day. The band have been busy perfecting and honing these four tracks taking their time to perfect their craft which is evident in these two tracks.

First up is "Hypocrisy" which starts proceedings off with a riff which could of been lifted straight off of Slayer's "Seasons in the Abyss" then a nice bass lick followed by a blistering but all too short solo, all in all a great way to kick things off in fine thrashing form. The song thrashes from beginning to end and delivers quite a punch. The vocalist really has his own style going on which gives the music some much needed individuality.


Second up is " Serial Killer" which fairs even better showing a great sense of control and song dynamics this is the one which gets me headbanging and out of my seat and makes me want to hear more of this band check out the bass solo which goes straight into a well executed guitar solo which lifts this song and band to a whole other level.

It's hard to believe these are this bands first recordings such is the quality and sheer blinding metal on offer but to really develop and grow as a band they do need to find their own sound but in the meantime I'll enjoy this great slab of Metal.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Heavy Metal when it is done just right is something magical to behold an unbreakable energy that once it enters your soul becomes forever apart of the fabric of who you are. More than any other style of music it becomes almost like a religion. This is Heavy Metal how it was back in the good old day's of the NWOBHM. This is one hell of a demo, packed full of great riffs and leads and what a lot of metal bands forget about these day's in their search for brutality and perfection, the very essence of a great band songwriting. If you grew up on eighties metal and have a taste for the obscure then do your metal heart a great deed and check this demo out. The first track up which takes the bands namesake " Witches Coven" is the best song that Grand Magus never wrote and track two " Wrath of the Sorceress" would have sat nicely on Angel Witches 1980 classic debut album. The production is good for a demo and to be honest suits this music perfectly and makes it all the more enjoyable instead of being sucked of all life in the search for sterilised digital perfection. Their is a doom undertone throughout these songs bringing to mind the legendary Withfinder General which is the iceing on top of the metal cake. That's about it now my neck needs some well deserved rest after having this demo on repeat for the last hour. Check 'em out and support the underground.....\m/


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Saturday, March 9, 2013

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I've been following Atominated Dublin's finest thrash merchants since the release of their debut demo of the same name last year which was a breath of fresh air in these times where their seems to be just about one to many thrash bands out their all doing more or less the same and however good they are is all well and good but it is nice to see a band who put their own stamp on things. They may not be the best thing since sliced bread but they do offer up their own twist, especially in the vocal department which owe a lot to punk and hardcore. It's this shall I say Atominized version of thrash that makes this band so adhering to me. Atominated take their que straight from the crossover thrash school, so forget your bay area and think more D.R.I. , Uncle Sam, S.O.D. or early Suicidal Tendencies. ''World Without Flesh""  is more or less a re-recording of the bands debut demo with two new songs " Atomination" and the amply titled " My New Face" with the exclusion of the mighty kick in the face thrash fest that was "Demon Storm" which for some reason the band have decided to leave off this E.P. at least they had the decency to give us two , excuse the pun, new in your face  killer tracks. What they have done is delivered a tighter more professional version of the demo and the progress the band are making as a unit and as songwriters can be seen in what is probably the bands signature tune ''Hook Torn Flesh"' which has come leaps and bounds from the version I first heard on the demo especialy noticable in the leads. If the confidence and playing which is evident on the track and the songwriting continues to develop at such a pace this band could put out one hell of a debut. Only time will tell.


Check out and download the E.P. for FREE here.

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This band is one of those hidden treasures you are blessed to come across every once in a while on your frequent journeys through the underground, the type of band you thank the gods of Metal for guiding you to and makes you wonder how pitiful your album collection would be without them. Honey for Christ formed almost 15 years ago in 1998 and since then have released 2 demos and 2 E.P's , all highly praised in underground circles for the sheer quality of music on offer. After what must of seemed like an eternity for  fans of the band they finally overcame all adversity and released this their long awaited debut album back in 2011 and what a debut it is. It's a rare talent when a band can conjure up the spirit of so many classic bands and albums without sounding like any of them. Emotional, powerful and thought provoking throughout this band have a magic all of their own. There is something truly amazing to behold that weaves itself through these songs binding them together in one outpouring of emotional metal. This is doom with a heavy emphasis on the metal. Each song is crafted to include subtle nuances which reveal themselves after each spin and make this album one which I for one will enjoy for years to come. The vocals are melodic but in a Katatonia type of way, sombre and haunting but way more heavier than the aforementioned Kataonia. Everything about these songs whether the band are playing more uptempo as in the album opener "All hope was strangled"  or playing at a more slower pace as in album closer " The final transition, is bound together by a deeply reflective and sorrowful mood which is something to behold, you can easily lose yourself in this album. A special mention goes to the lyrics, vocals and melodies the singer has a voice all of his own which conveys the honest sincerity behind the lyrics all presented in indivdual and sublimly unique melodies. To sum the band and album up, pure well crafted metallic class.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Just like it says on the tin this band have abandoned all pop sensibilities in favour of a bleak, black fog that falls upon your ears without mercy. In fact they haven't just abandoned the pop but murdered it and buried it six feet under ground in the depts of the deepest darkest forest. Yes folks no candy to be found here. First off this E.P. is not for anyone looking for a quick fix the music contained within takes time to grow on you and slowly give up it's hidden treasures. The sound is placed in the Black Metal arena but there is an underlying current which is almost punkish in a crusty filthy kind of way which is the saving grace of this E.P. and makes the music curiously adhering. This is one of those rare pieces of music you come across that at first may deceptively seem like nothing special but given the time it grows on you slowly worming it's way into your head and laying it's rotten seed. While not a great E.P. in anyway it does have it's charm. Time will tell if band go onto to greatness but somehow I believe they will.

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And for those who want to delve deeper into the world of Sloth Herder they also have their own blog which is worth checking out.