Monday, February 25, 2013

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                                                   Black/Doom/Sludge Metal

The droning sounds of hopelessness.
Void Forger hailing from Romania and forming in 2011 play a mix of sludge, crust, doom and black metal. From the opening wail of feedback to the last heart wrenching notes play out I am left captivated by the sheer overwhelming weight and heaviness of the music. Darkness descends as you fall into the void, droning hypnotic sounds from the deepest darkest depths of the human soul. This music is not for those seeking some easy listening or metal for a good time this is for those who want to face the realities of their fears and drift weightlessly amongst the void. The three songs that make up this debut demo are played in an almost spontaneous jam session but somehow you know this band are in control. This demo definitely sets a mood however you would be fooled and it would sell this band short if all you expected was drone as the music changes tempo, fluctuates and varies throughout with no movement or riff out staying it's welcome from every crushing doomy droning riff to every dissonant black encrusted riff.. This is pure deep, dark and droning blackened doom. Each riff is harshly distorted while the vocals are screamed over them creating an altogether dark and nihilistic sound. This three track demo is as good an introduction to the world of Void Forger as any.

  Check out the deno from their bandcamp page where it is available as a free download...\m/

 Don't forget to check out their offical Facebook page and show your support...\m/


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