Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Hailing from Poland and offering up a debut demo which crushes beyond belief. When I was first sent this four track demo and the music contained within started assaulting my senses I could not believe this was a mere demo such is the quality and craftsmanship on offer. Everything about the demo speaks pure class from the artwork down to the music itself. The band lay down riff after riff of pure molten metal with a very contemporary edge. They definitely play metal but in the here and now this is not any retro throw back in any way but a look towards the future of the genre. They describe their own music as a cross between melodic death metal and metalcore which for me does not do the band justice, their is so much more on offer here which is all their own. It's seldom I hear a demo where the band play like a well oiled beast of a machine.The playing is so tight that if I did not know I would say they have been playing together for years. The passion and intent of this incredible band is beautifully brutal. It would be a crime to the very genre if this band simply remained in the underground. And as the last pounding note of this demo plays out I am left thinking what in the hell was that. Their is not much I can say about this demo only it impressed me and left me wanting to hear more form this band...\m/ Check it out for yourself courtesy of the band from the link below the band photo.

Be sure to check out the E.P. for yourself, here is the link where you can download it curtisity of the band....\m/

Also sow your support and check out their offical Facebook page...\m/

Check out the 4th track from the demo below "Anima Vilis".


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