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The first track up from this self described Death/Thrash band is the excellent "Nobless Oblgie"" which opens up with a short mellow but in an eerie kind of way intro which ends all too short and leads into a pure Black Metal riff and what sounds like Fenriz himself pounding the drums so from the offset I am thrown for a loop as the aforementioned Death/Thrash style is nowhere to be heard but I have a grin on my face and my head is starting to bang because this in a word is awesome. At the 3.22 mark a melodic almost Dissection style riff kicks in and the receptiveness of the song further places this song in a more Black light.

Next up is "Ignorance Apocolypse" which opens up in a pure Death/Thrash style before kicking you in the head with a razor sharp thrash riff. This stuff takes me back to some of the later thrash bands like Evil Dead and Atrophy if they were somehow melded together with Death Metal bands like Autopsy or Gorguts. And again at the 2.12 mark another awesome if all too short melodic riff kicks in again with an almost Black feeling to it. This song has a lot of ideas in it and also offers up the first and welcomed solo.

Then we have "Time of Death" The intro kicks straight in with a Black Metal riff followed by a great melodic riff on top and slow plodding drums akin to a primitive Black Metal style which reminds me again of Fenriz's style in the looseness and feeling of the playing which I love. This band are really effective when they bring it down to a slow pace, not all bands are able to this, it's hard to play slow and keep it all together.This is a very epic song and at the 4.14 mark a pure "Filosofem" era Burzum riff comes in and floors me.

The next two songs are the oldest demos here namely "Cape of Catastrophe" and "Blood Stained Earth" and are more in the Death/Thrash vein the former having a slight Black metal vibe in the vocal delivery and also has a less than inspired solo. The latter has a cool 80's vibe and reminds me a lot of Slayer's "Captor of Sin" in the vocals. These too tracks a more kind of throw away songs, the band finding their feet as songwriters while paying homage to their influences.

If you start from this bands earlier demos and work your way through to the newest demos this band keep on improving and developing into something which I feel will be very special and unique when they finally record their long awaited debut album. All in all they need a bit of fine tuning and tweaking but this band is knocking out some really interesting demos at such an early stage in the career. Ones to watch....\m/

Check out the demos for yourself on their offical soundclad page....\m/

And also be sure to check out their offical Facebook page and show your support...\m/


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