Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Japanese Extreme Metal the Documentary, taking a look into the underground world of Japanese Extreme Metal. When thinking of Extreme Metal Japan is certainly not one of the first countries to come to mind but it's scene has spewed fort some amazing bands over the years. I guess the one everyone knows of are Sigh and rightly so, they have been delivering their unique take on Black Metal in the most twisted avant-garde way imaginable to the human ear, the way only Sigh can do. For further proof check out their 1997 album Hail Horror Hail! An album that twists and turns seamlessly from style to style at the drop of a hat never once letting up on it's intense feeling of horror and dread.

When it comes to Death Metal fans of the genre will no doubt have heard of Defiled who have been unleashing slab after slab of solid Death Metal brutality since the early 90's

And what self respecting underground metal fan has not heard of the mighty Sabbat who have been playing since 1983 starting out as Evil but soon changing their name the following year to Sabbat and have been playing their version of Blackend Thrash ever since. Maintaining a high quality standard throughout their career.

Whatever style of metal you like you will find it in this documentary. Japan is a country which should be put on the world metal map because their is some seriously great metal to be discovered for those willing to look. I was dissapointed that S.O.B aka Sounds of Brutality were not included in the documentary as their 1990 album What's the Truth is a grind classic, with that said it's only a minor grievence on my part, so sit back and enjoy the documentary and support the scene...\m/


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