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Forming under the name Warloc in 1983 a group of young metalheads got together inspired by theNWOBHM and thrash metal which was spreading across their home land at the time taking metal to a new level of energy and extremity, playing mainly covers at first the story of Attacker started to take shape. After playing around for a year the band finaly decided to take things more seriously and with this decision came the name change to Attacker the following year in 1984.

The band soon wrote enough original material and laid down there first demo shortly afterwards. The demo gained rave reviews in many metal fanzines of the time and word of the band spread throughout the underground like wildfire.This brought the attention of Metalblade records and the band were offered a spot on the labels Metal Massacre 5 compilation the very same series which had introduced the world to Metallica only two years previously. The band recorded Call on the Attacker the bands signiture tune at the time and probably to this day still is the song which fans most identify with the band. On the strength of the recording and the reviews the compilation recieved the band were offered a deal to record their debut album the soon to be legendary Battle at Helms Deep an album which would go on to be spoken about in underground circles in the same breath as classic albums such as Mannila Road's Crystal Logic or Cirth Ungol's King of the Dead. Great metal albums which have stood the test of time even though going largly unoticed outside of the mainstream metalhead's world. The album was an is an 80's American power metal masterpiece. The band were also one of the first to use as inspiration J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Ring's trilogy , taking the albums name from the book and using it for lyrical inspiration.

The band recorded an album of classic riff after classic riff in one hell of an energetic and almighty metallic performance which would echo through the ages. The songs were played in the vain of early Maiden and Priest incorportaing the NWOBHM style while adding the shredding of thrash metal with a great sense of melody apparant in the lead work and dynamics of the riffs however the vocals on this album were always an aquired taste but for me they had great character like a lot of 80's metal vocalists for example the late great Paul Baloff singers who were unique and although not technically adept they had heart and fire. All seemed like Attacker were set for great things but the band made a mistake which they would never fully recover from and decided that they were not happy with how Metalblade had handled the album and decided to leave the label. A decision which in hindsight the band regret because it is one of the major factors why  the band failed to make an impact afterwards. Who knows what could have been. The band continued on releasing more great albums but never got the recognition or success they deserved. All in all this is a great album which belongs in the collection of any serious metalheads collection who appreciates the spirit
of classic and true heavy metal. So raise your horns high in salute of Atttacker!!!!!!!!!!


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