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Bulldozer were first formed in 1980 by bassist Dario Carria and guitarist Andy Panigada inspired by the burgeoning NWOBHM scene which had spread across the British Isles bringing metal to the hearts of the youth. The band took its main influence from  Newcastle’s finest Venom a band which stood out amongst the other NWOBHM bands at the time for their sheer blackened image and music. Bulldozer’s first run however was short lived and the band were forced to split up in 1981 due to band members having to fulfil national service commitments.They reformed in 1983 with the soon to be legendary frontman AC Wild joining the band and so began the legend of Italy's finest extreme metal outfit Bulldozer. Inspired and heavily influenced by Venom the band took what Venom had done a few years earlier and injected that with a new found energy and intensity, upping the pure demonic and occult element of Venom. Where’s by 1985 you knew Venom were more or less acting out a role with Bulldozer you could tell it was real. The album starts of with the intro piece Exorcism. A priest is heard performing the roman catholic rite of exorcism while a demon is banished from some poor and forsaken soul. This sets the dark, evil and twisted mood which they continued with and never let up on throughout the albums assault.The intro then makes way for a ferocious speed thrash attack of riffs and so the chaos begins.The riffing owes as much to Motorhead as it does to Venom. Like Bathory the year previous the band takes the darkened path shown to us by Venom taking the blackened flame and holding it high descending further into hell. If Venom welcomed us to hell then Bulldozer took us on a trip through hell. What lifts this album up above a lot of the blackened thrash bands of the time is the songwriting which takes a lot from the NWOBHM style especially in the great melodic leads and the sense of dynamics in the songs. The album succeeds in creating an atmosphere and holding the listener in its darkened grip from beginning to end, never letting go. This album deserves to be held up amongst early Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost or any bands who are said to have contributed to the second wave of black metal which would soon sweep and spread its dark wings across an unsuspecting Europe. It is little wonder that Fenriz of Darkthrone included Whiskey Time off of this album when he compiled a compilation of old school black metal bands who had inspired the second wave to come. All hail Bulldozer...\m/


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