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Anyone who follows the blog should need no introuduction to this band and their music but for those who still do not know they are one of the best up and coming new bands flying the flag for metal. I was fourtnate enough to have the opportunity to ask the bands guitarist/manager Pirat some questions. So sit back and enjoy.

TPOTR - How and when did the band get together?
PIRAT - The band was formed by a group of buddies: Ksiądz (g), Loco (g) and Gleba (d)  in 2007. At first just for fun and to improve skills as musicians. By the announcement, Amov joined the band. Afterwards there was the desire to play own material and performing for the audience. So, that’s how Of No Avail started. During the more than five years, band had a lot of personal changes. Today, we play in a completely different line-up. Only Ksiadz and Amov  stayed from the original crew . I replaced Loco, Coolis from Gutshot have taken the bass, and Młody is our new drummer. We hope that with the current line-up we will play as long as possible.
TPOTR - I don’t know about your previous line-ups but the band as they are now fit together as musicians like you have been playing together for years such is the flow between the instruments which is evident on ‘Persecutoria’ Did you spend a long time sitting on these songs and tweeking them until they were just right?
PIRAT - Persecutoria have been recorded in an old line-up, when I had been only the manager of the band. But guys sat with these tracks for a lot of time, maybe not on tweaking up the details, but before the material was recorded, was played out a lot at the rehearsals and concerts. I think, that around the time of the recording of the EP, you could wake them up in the middle of the night, and they would play the songs perfectly.
TPOTR - Did the band write the songs as a whole unit or did you write separately and then bring your ideas to the table?
PIRAT - Our songwriting process goes more or less like this: people with the idea ​​write the song or at least a basic framework at home. When finished, they show it to the rest, and if it’s accepted by all, working at the rehearsals begins. We attach a great importance to the drums, so that they are not solely used for a rhythm keepin’ but most of all, to give a solid kick to the whole song. During such a work it happens that any other suggestions come out such as: whether to change something with the guitars, add or remove a section of a song, etc. When it comes to vocals and lyrics, this is the only Amov's job. Rest of the band doesn't interfere in any way.
Personally, I hope that soon we will start writing songs by jammin' together, definitely it’s very educational when it comes to playing and composing skills, I'm sure it is great fun, and of course, it may take us into completely different areas of creating music
TPOTR - Who were your influences starting out?
PIRAT - Modern melodic playing style of In Flames, As I Lay Dying and Heaven Shall Burn was the main reason why the ​​guys picked up the instruments. I think that it's more or less resounds in 'Persecutoria'. After changes in line-up, one can expect new inspiration. Ksiądz expanded his musical horizons to Deathcore (Suicide Silence, Emmure, Parkway Drive, etc.). Młody is a big fan of Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. I worship various styles of death metal, from oldchool, towards the melodic death, ending at the technical and brutal . We hope that will be heard in the future releases .
TPOTR - So ‘Persecutoria’ is only a glimpse in someway into the the bands music with all the influences you mentioned what direction would you like to see the band go in?
PIRAT - You could say that. In the first place we always create for ourselves. We have to like what we play, there must be a pleasure in playing. About the direction in which band is going ... Surely Of No Avail will continue to create melodic metal, whether it's death metal, metalcore, or even deathcore, that is what even we do not know. There is a new line-up, new influences,  pretty nice mix may come out of this . For sure we will try to differentiate songs. Write ones that are faster, more aggressive, with more blast beats, but also slower and crushing-by-heaviness ones. Maybe some instrumental or ballad ... Ok, maybe we’ll just let go on the ballads part hehehe
TPOTR - Coming from Poland do you feel any pressure to live up to the leagcy of great bands to come from your country, in fact you hail from the same town as one of my all time   favourite bands Vader?
In Poland there’s a lot of great bands, representing the global level, both well-known worldwide, as well as the underground. We never had the intention to conquer the world, as the mentioned Vader, or Decapitated and Behemoth. Of course, we like to play music and if there would be an opportunity to play abroad,  we would probably do it. So, we don't feel any pressure, but a high level of bands in Poland commits us to play and compose as best as we can. And about Vader ... For us, this is no longer just Olsztyn band. Vader belongs to the whole world now J

TPOTR - Onto the demo and I was suprised you called it a demo because it is so fullyrealised and professionally done. How has the response been so far?
PIRAT - Only at the beginning we were calling 'Persecutoria' a demo. This is our first material and it has a demonstrative function, that is why we called it a demo. With it, people can see what to expect from Of No Avail on stage. As we decided to print a small run on CD's and give it a graphic layout, we started to call it an EP instead of a demo. This decision was made also because of the sound of this material. It was produced by Michal Grabowski from Feto In Fetus and one have to admit that he produced it with very solid sound. So far, the EP collects very positive reviews. The lowest score that we got was 6/10, but the content of this review wasn't so bad for us. In total, we did not expect that response would to be so positive.
TPOTR -  Do you think you will record any of these tracks again for a future full length album?
PIRAT  I think there is no need to do that. These songs are of good quality, sound and what’s most important I think, they are complete - we do not feel any need to make changes in them. Secondly, we have many ideas, and I think that the till the time to work with LP comes, we will have so many of them, that it will be enough to fill the entire album.
TPOTR - When I first heard of the band name it really stood out from all the demos I received who came up with the name choice and what does it mean to the band?
 The band's name comes from the title of Heaven Shall Burn song. From what I know, Ksiądz suggested it and everyone liked it. As we can see it was a bull's eye :D. All in all, we are not applying any philosophy to this name. For me it simply sounds good, maybe gives a bit of reflections about useless efforts. Hope, that we are not a prophets of our music career :P
TPOTR - Have you had and label interest so far?
PIRAT - So far we haven’t received any offers from the labels, but We did not strive for it. We didn't send any promos, because We felt that the material and We ourselves as a band were still too immature to bother publishers. The feedback and the reviews of the EP changed our thinking so we’ll probably try to interest labels with our band, but we will rather do it with the next EP, which is already in plans.
TPOTR - What are your hopes and plans for the future of the band, do you have any plans for a full length any time soon?
PIRAT - Our first hope is to keep this line-up as long as possible. History of Of No Avail has many changes in the line-up. It can be said that from December 2011 to December 2012 with short breaks we had no complete line-up. Throughout the 2012, we played only three concerts. That's why it is so important for us. When the line-up keeps stable, we can play a lot of rehearsals, concerts, and work on new songs.
As I wrote earlier, we would like to record another EP with a new line-up, with new ideas, to interest potential publishers, and of course, for the fans to have more material to listen to. As new EP will came out, we will surely want to do a professional video. But mainly for ourselves. You know, the new experience and a souvenir for the old age :D  So, we may still have a long way to LP, but surely we will not sit on our hands :)
TPOTR - I for one look forward to hearing some new material from you soon and hope to see you playing long into your old age. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything else you would like to add.

PIRAT - If all goes well, you might not have to wait too long :) It was a real pleasure for us to present ourselves in “The Power Of Riff Compels You”. Greetings to all the readers and We invite you to freely download our EP straight from Torn Flesh Records catalog. If you like our music, Like Us on facebook and be always up to date with what is going on with Of No Avail. Come to concerts, buy CD's and support bands \ m /!

Of No Avail:

Amov – voc
Ksiądz – guitar
Pirat – guitar
Coolis – bass
Młody - drums

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                                                   Black/Doom/Sludge Metal

The droning sounds of hopelessness.
Void Forger hailing from Romania and forming in 2011 play a mix of sludge, crust, doom and black metal. From the opening wail of feedback to the last heart wrenching notes play out I am left captivated by the sheer overwhelming weight and heaviness of the music. Darkness descends as you fall into the void, droning hypnotic sounds from the deepest darkest depths of the human soul. This music is not for those seeking some easy listening or metal for a good time this is for those who want to face the realities of their fears and drift weightlessly amongst the void. The three songs that make up this debut demo are played in an almost spontaneous jam session but somehow you know this band are in control. This demo definitely sets a mood however you would be fooled and it would sell this band short if all you expected was drone as the music changes tempo, fluctuates and varies throughout with no movement or riff out staying it's welcome from every crushing doomy droning riff to every dissonant black encrusted riff.. This is pure deep, dark and droning blackened doom. Each riff is harshly distorted while the vocals are screamed over them creating an altogether dark and nihilistic sound. This three track demo is as good an introduction to the world of Void Forger as any.

  Check out the deno from their bandcamp page where it is available as a free download...\m/

 Don't forget to check out their offical Facebook page and show your support...\m/

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The first track up from this self described Death/Thrash band is the excellent "Nobless Oblgie"" which opens up with a short mellow but in an eerie kind of way intro which ends all too short and leads into a pure Black Metal riff and what sounds like Fenriz himself pounding the drums so from the offset I am thrown for a loop as the aforementioned Death/Thrash style is nowhere to be heard but I have a grin on my face and my head is starting to bang because this in a word is awesome. At the 3.22 mark a melodic almost Dissection style riff kicks in and the receptiveness of the song further places this song in a more Black light.

Next up is "Ignorance Apocolypse" which opens up in a pure Death/Thrash style before kicking you in the head with a razor sharp thrash riff. This stuff takes me back to some of the later thrash bands like Evil Dead and Atrophy if they were somehow melded together with Death Metal bands like Autopsy or Gorguts. And again at the 2.12 mark another awesome if all too short melodic riff kicks in again with an almost Black feeling to it. This song has a lot of ideas in it and also offers up the first and welcomed solo.

Then we have "Time of Death" The intro kicks straight in with a Black Metal riff followed by a great melodic riff on top and slow plodding drums akin to a primitive Black Metal style which reminds me again of Fenriz's style in the looseness and feeling of the playing which I love. This band are really effective when they bring it down to a slow pace, not all bands are able to this, it's hard to play slow and keep it all together.This is a very epic song and at the 4.14 mark a pure "Filosofem" era Burzum riff comes in and floors me.

The next two songs are the oldest demos here namely "Cape of Catastrophe" and "Blood Stained Earth" and are more in the Death/Thrash vein the former having a slight Black metal vibe in the vocal delivery and also has a less than inspired solo. The latter has a cool 80's vibe and reminds me a lot of Slayer's "Captor of Sin" in the vocals. These too tracks a more kind of throw away songs, the band finding their feet as songwriters while paying homage to their influences.

If you start from this bands earlier demos and work your way through to the newest demos this band keep on improving and developing into something which I feel will be very special and unique when they finally record their long awaited debut album. All in all they need a bit of fine tuning and tweaking but this band is knocking out some really interesting demos at such an early stage in the career. Ones to watch....\m/

Check out the demos for yourself on their offical soundclad page....\m/

And also be sure to check out their offical Facebook page and show your support...\m/

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Hailing from Poland and offering up a debut demo which crushes beyond belief. When I was first sent this four track demo and the music contained within started assaulting my senses I could not believe this was a mere demo such is the quality and craftsmanship on offer. Everything about the demo speaks pure class from the artwork down to the music itself. The band lay down riff after riff of pure molten metal with a very contemporary edge. They definitely play metal but in the here and now this is not any retro throw back in any way but a look towards the future of the genre. They describe their own music as a cross between melodic death metal and metalcore which for me does not do the band justice, their is so much more on offer here which is all their own. It's seldom I hear a demo where the band play like a well oiled beast of a machine.The playing is so tight that if I did not know I would say they have been playing together for years. The passion and intent of this incredible band is beautifully brutal. It would be a crime to the very genre if this band simply remained in the underground. And as the last pounding note of this demo plays out I am left thinking what in the hell was that. Their is not much I can say about this demo only it impressed me and left me wanting to hear more form this band...\m/ Check it out for yourself courtesy of the band from the link below the band photo.

Be sure to check out the E.P. for yourself, here is the link where you can download it curtisity of the band....\m/

Also sow your support and check out their offical Facebook page...\m/

Check out the 4th track from the demo below "Anima Vilis".

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Bulldozer were first formed in 1980 by bassist Dario Carria and guitarist Andy Panigada inspired by the burgeoning NWOBHM scene which had spread across the British Isles bringing metal to the hearts of the youth. The band took its main influence from  Newcastle’s finest Venom a band which stood out amongst the other NWOBHM bands at the time for their sheer blackened image and music. Bulldozer’s first run however was short lived and the band were forced to split up in 1981 due to band members having to fulfil national service commitments.They reformed in 1983 with the soon to be legendary frontman AC Wild joining the band and so began the legend of Italy's finest extreme metal outfit Bulldozer. Inspired and heavily influenced by Venom the band took what Venom had done a few years earlier and injected that with a new found energy and intensity, upping the pure demonic and occult element of Venom. Where’s by 1985 you knew Venom were more or less acting out a role with Bulldozer you could tell it was real. The album starts of with the intro piece Exorcism. A priest is heard performing the roman catholic rite of exorcism while a demon is banished from some poor and forsaken soul. This sets the dark, evil and twisted mood which they continued with and never let up on throughout the albums assault.The intro then makes way for a ferocious speed thrash attack of riffs and so the chaos begins.The riffing owes as much to Motorhead as it does to Venom. Like Bathory the year previous the band takes the darkened path shown to us by Venom taking the blackened flame and holding it high descending further into hell. If Venom welcomed us to hell then Bulldozer took us on a trip through hell. What lifts this album up above a lot of the blackened thrash bands of the time is the songwriting which takes a lot from the NWOBHM style especially in the great melodic leads and the sense of dynamics in the songs. The album succeeds in creating an atmosphere and holding the listener in its darkened grip from beginning to end, never letting go. This album deserves to be held up amongst early Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost or any bands who are said to have contributed to the second wave of black metal which would soon sweep and spread its dark wings across an unsuspecting Europe. It is little wonder that Fenriz of Darkthrone included Whiskey Time off of this album when he compiled a compilation of old school black metal bands who had inspired the second wave to come. All hail Bulldozer...\m/

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Japanese Extreme Metal the Documentary, taking a look into the underground world of Japanese Extreme Metal. When thinking of Extreme Metal Japan is certainly not one of the first countries to come to mind but it's scene has spewed fort some amazing bands over the years. I guess the one everyone knows of are Sigh and rightly so, they have been delivering their unique take on Black Metal in the most twisted avant-garde way imaginable to the human ear, the way only Sigh can do. For further proof check out their 1997 album Hail Horror Hail! An album that twists and turns seamlessly from style to style at the drop of a hat never once letting up on it's intense feeling of horror and dread.

When it comes to Death Metal fans of the genre will no doubt have heard of Defiled who have been unleashing slab after slab of solid Death Metal brutality since the early 90's

And what self respecting underground metal fan has not heard of the mighty Sabbat who have been playing since 1983 starting out as Evil but soon changing their name the following year to Sabbat and have been playing their version of Blackend Thrash ever since. Maintaining a high quality standard throughout their career.

Whatever style of metal you like you will find it in this documentary. Japan is a country which should be put on the world metal map because their is some seriously great metal to be discovered for those willing to look. I was dissapointed that S.O.B aka Sounds of Brutality were not included in the documentary as their 1990 album What's the Truth is a grind classic, with that said it's only a minor grievence on my part, so sit back and enjoy the documentary and support the scene...\m/

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Forming under the name Warloc in 1983 a group of young metalheads got together inspired by theNWOBHM and thrash metal which was spreading across their home land at the time taking metal to a new level of energy and extremity, playing mainly covers at first the story of Attacker started to take shape. After playing around for a year the band finaly decided to take things more seriously and with this decision came the name change to Attacker the following year in 1984.

The band soon wrote enough original material and laid down there first demo shortly afterwards. The demo gained rave reviews in many metal fanzines of the time and word of the band spread throughout the underground like wildfire.This brought the attention of Metalblade records and the band were offered a spot on the labels Metal Massacre 5 compilation the very same series which had introduced the world to Metallica only two years previously. The band recorded Call on the Attacker the bands signiture tune at the time and probably to this day still is the song which fans most identify with the band. On the strength of the recording and the reviews the compilation recieved the band were offered a deal to record their debut album the soon to be legendary Battle at Helms Deep an album which would go on to be spoken about in underground circles in the same breath as classic albums such as Mannila Road's Crystal Logic or Cirth Ungol's King of the Dead. Great metal albums which have stood the test of time even though going largly unoticed outside of the mainstream metalhead's world. The album was an is an 80's American power metal masterpiece. The band were also one of the first to use as inspiration J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Ring's trilogy , taking the albums name from the book and using it for lyrical inspiration.

The band recorded an album of classic riff after classic riff in one hell of an energetic and almighty metallic performance which would echo through the ages. The songs were played in the vain of early Maiden and Priest incorportaing the NWOBHM style while adding the shredding of thrash metal with a great sense of melody apparant in the lead work and dynamics of the riffs however the vocals on this album were always an aquired taste but for me they had great character like a lot of 80's metal vocalists for example the late great Paul Baloff singers who were unique and although not technically adept they had heart and fire. All seemed like Attacker were set for great things but the band made a mistake which they would never fully recover from and decided that they were not happy with how Metalblade had handled the album and decided to leave the label. A decision which in hindsight the band regret because it is one of the major factors why  the band failed to make an impact afterwards. Who knows what could have been. The band continued on releasing more great albums but never got the recognition or success they deserved. All in all this is a great album which belongs in the collection of any serious metalheads collection who appreciates the spirit
of classic and true heavy metal. So raise your horns high in salute of Atttacker!!!!!!!!!!