Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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CRUACHAN are back with a new album to celebrate their 25th anniversary: "Nine Years Of Blood" will be released on 27th April 2018 via Trollzorn!

The eighth full-length of these pioneers of the Folk Metal genre, which was produced
 by Michael Richards at Trackmix Studios /Dublinshows the band in top form and offers 12 varied hymns, all of which emanate unspoiled, pure, ancient warrior spirit.

Thundering Heavy Metal, stormy Black Metal attacks and superbly dosed Folk insertions lift the performance of the charismatic Irishmen to melodic, solemn and awe-inspiring heights!

A first track entitled "The Harp, The Lion, The Dragon and The Sword"  can be heard below....

01. I am Tuan
02. Hugh O’Neill – Earl of Tyrone
03. Blood and Victory
04. Queen of War
05. The Battle of the Yellow Ford
06. Cath na Brioscaí
07. The Harp, The Lion, The Dragon and The Sword
08. An Ale Before Battle
09. Nine Years of Blood
10. The Siege of  Kinsale
11. Flight of the Earls
12. Back Home in Derry 

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SOLSTICE: "White Horse Hill" (6. april / Invictus Prod. & Iron Bonehead)

Each song a hymn, each riff full of pure passion: England’s Epic/Doom Metal masters SOLSTICE ensure magic moments! Finally, the full-length successor to “New Dark Age” (1998) is here: "White Horse Hill"! It was recorded at Vibrations Studios, Huddersfield and mixed & produced by Richard Whittaker at FX Studios, London.
the making of...


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Lyric video lifted of the upcoming Graveyard Ep

GRAVEYARD - "Back To The Mausoleum" (EP)
Label: War Anthem Records
Release date: 27.04.2018
Distribution: Soulfood (GER, AT, Benelux, Spain, Italy), Season Of Mist (France), Code7 (UK), Non Stop (CH)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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High Roller Records' newest signing: swedish hardrock/classic rock/metal outfit VOJD (ex-Black Trip)!
Peter Stjärnvind – Lead Guitar
Joseph Tholl – Bass and Vocals
Linus Björklund – Lead Guitar
Anders Bentell – drums and percussion
announces a 7" single (december) and the debut longplayer album "The Outer Ocean" (release date: 26. january 2018)
With »Goin' Under« and »Shadowline« the Swedish band Black Trip had released two classic Metal albums to great critical acclaim. When drummer Jonas Wikstrand was replaced by Anders Bentell, the remaining members Peter Stjärnvind (guitars), Sebastian Ramstedt (guitars), Johan Bergebäck (bass) and Joseph Tholl (vocals) decided to make a new beginning by changing their name to Vojd.

Vocalist Joseph Toll explains: “ With the new line-up and the new material we felt that we wanted to start a new chapter in a way. I still see the upcoming album as the third album, a follow up to Black Trip’s »Shadowline«, though this new one contains a lot of stuff we haven't tried before. The significant elements of Black Trip are recurring throughout the album, though the variety between the songs are much broader this time, in all directions. We had a bunch of options and decided to go with High Roller Records.

Before their debut album (or the third record, depending on how you classify Vojd in relation to its predecessor Black Trip), a 7” single containing two exclusive non-album tracks will be issued via High Roller Records featuring “Behind The Frame” and “Funeral Empire”. Joseph Toll spares a few words: “'Behind The Frame' was the last song we wrote and it was intended to be part of the album. However, as we decided to make an external single, we thought this song would be great as the A-side. The B-side 'Funeral Empire' is a cover of a band called Tempest. These two songs are totally exclusive.”

According to the band's vocalist, Vojd is a much more serious proposition than Black Trip ever was: “I’d say it’s a bit more focused now. It’s definitely no side project. We want to play live more on this album than we’ve done on the previous ones.”

Influenced by classic acts like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Thin Lizzy, Blue Öyster Cult and 70's era Scorpions amongst their influences, VOJD manage to craft a striking own, highly distinct sound by mixing the spirit of the NWOBHM movement with the essence of catchy Heavy Metal / Hard Rock…and plain & simple: Timeless GREAT songs!

Weblinks:https://www.facebook.com/vojdofficial/ http://www.blacktrip.se (Previous site!)
“Heavy Skies” (New song): 
“Berlin Model 32” (lyric video, BT): 
“Radar” (video, BT): 
Live at Rock Hard Festival 2016 (As Black Trip): 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYPIcb3B--U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw11uZOJSrk

Sunday, June 18, 2017

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New EP "Divination" by HELSLAVE is both crushing and memorable, playing Swedish inspired Death Metal in the vein of Grave, Entombed and Desultory. Prepare yourself for grim and murky death metal in the old style, the kind of stuff that doesn't rely on triggered blast beats, light-in-the-loafers warbling, or anything but the crudest building blocks to construct its killing art.

Recorded at 16th Cellar Studio (Hideous Divinity, Decrepit Birth) and Mixed & Masterd by Sverker Widgren (Diabolical) at Wing Studios. LISTEN to the track "Lord Of Lies" here: 

PRE-ORDER: http://blackmarketmetallabel.bigcartel.com/product/helslave-divination-cd
LABEL: http://www.blackmarketmetal.net
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Norway's Dødsritual and their new offering "Under Sort Sol" is radical, twisted, vicious, and progressive. Filled with all manner of haunted, unexpected melodies, harbored over ten tracks and 46+ minutes. Incredible structure, with their own quality brand of semi-epic, ferociously ripping, mixture of Black Metal genres. All flowing seamlessly track to track, working in all these many styles and influences into their riffs and interludes. "Under Sort Sol" is a proud testament to what made the Scandinavian originators so groundbreaking. The album has the atmosphere, the aggression, and the songs to make a spine-tingling and all-around pleasurable listen. WATCH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO for the track "Under Sort Sol" here: 

PREORDER: http://www.blackmarketmetal.net/bands/ddsritual-under-sort-sol
WEB: http://dodsritual.com/
LISTEN: https://dodsritual.bandcamp.com/releases
LABEL: http://www.blackmarketmetal.net

1. Under Sort Sol
2. Lost in the Remains
3. Dømt til å leve
4. Alt Lys er Slukket
5. Venomtongue
6. A Glorious Past
7. The Eternal Return
8. The Visitor
9. Oh Nemesis
10. Dark Hole

Photo Credit: Jørn Veberg

Sunday, June 11, 2017

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Violent Life Violent Death have published a new video for the track "Sharp Suits" taken from their debut EP "V-EP".

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After months of silence & unholy rituals under the moonlight Italy’s Doom & Occult preachers CARONTE are happy to announce the release of their third full length album : “YONI”.
The record is going to be released the 29.10.2017 via Van Records and will be available in 2 formats: CD-Digipak and Vinyl.
Yoni is the most magic filled work the band has ever written! “It's music is more direct and its lyrics are more hermetic”, quotes the band. “It's the closing of our first cycle of activity since we were born, precisely 7 years ago.”

There are 7 tracks on the album, just like the previous two, and, with this record, the first trilogy dedicated to Thelema and to traditional Shamanism will be complete.

“We truly hope that the energy we poured in our work wil reach all of you who have always supported us. We wrote and recorded the tracks as part of our rituals, which remain a vital part of our artistic activity.”


1. ABRAXAS 2. Ecstasy of Hecate 
3. Promethean Cult 
4. Shamanic Meditation of The Bright Star
TOTEM6. The Moonchild 
7. V.I.T.R.I.O.L
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